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The Probus Club movement was formed in the United Kingdom in 1965.   

Worldwide, Probus Clubs provide regular gatherings for those retired or semi-retired business or professional people who appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and to develop new friendships. Probus Clubs are autonomous with no central governing body.  Each club endeavours to be simple in structure, be free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs and involve members in a minimal cost.     

Chew Valley Probus Club was formed in 1974 when the club used to hold monthly meetings at The Fox and Goose on the A38. Members have always joined us from a much wider area than the actual Chew Valley: North Somerset, Bristol, and even as far away as Somerton. The club enjoys a good social spirit, is open-minded and, from the Club’s constitution, ‘…shall be non-party-political and non-sectarian, and shall not be used for fund-raising in aid of other organizations’.  

Club meetings are held at monthly intervals with an informal lunch followed by a speaker. Chew Valley Club has held to its custom of each member being responsible in turn for the monthly talk, either to give the talk themselves or invite a guest for lunch who will address us. The spouses of club members and widows often participate in the social activities.  

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